Sunday, March 4, 2012

Parenting Style According To Your Kids Personality Influenced By Zodiac Signs

Isn’t it quite amazing that something which is 300 million kilometres away, made up of metal, rock and gases, called planets and stars, can influence the behaviour and personality of human beings? Now, the question is “how do they really work?”
Well, every planet has strong radiations in particular month. And when a child is born under those months, he is affected by the radiations of the planets in different zodiac sings. That influences a new born child’s personality traits and makes him different from others. These zodiac signs are responsible for a person’s personality, talents, intelligence, physique, characteristics, temperament, and their basic nature.
Indian and western zodiac traditions have 12 constellations and each of them has their own qualities and strengths. Parents can use these signs to better understand and help their child in their lives. These signs are:
ARIES (March 21- April 20):
Aries children are natural leaders, very energetic, impulsive, self-expressive, passionate, forceful, independent, like show-off, aggressive, courageous, brave, egotistical, and strong. They keep themselves first and sometimes cross the limits if someone challenges them because they like challenges. Aries children are great to start new projects but not good in finishing them.
Parents need to be patient and guide their little ones gently and firmly to stay on the task. Aries have high energy, so parents need to channelize their energy through physical exercise. Because of their often stubbornness, we also need to teach them the idea of compromise.

TAURUS (April 21- May 21):
Taurian child is sweet, cuddly, passive, practical, co-operative, creative, harmonious, beautiful, affectionate, moderate, indulgent, self-motivated, resistant, sociable, loves routine, likes to be strong and cheerful, and takes his responsibility seriously. Taurian is a sensual child who experiences the world through their senses like taste, touch and experience. They love to eat from the time they are born, but try to avoid giving them sugary food. Taurians are good at handling money.
Introduce your child outdoors as early as possible as they bloom in natural environment. Taurus children won’t be rushed. This is something you, as a parent, will need to adjust for. In fact, they're pretty slow. Don't try to pack too many activities into one day because the likelihood is your little one just won’t get through them all. Security is their first priority, so they want to be swaddled and held.
GEMINI (May 22- June 21):
Gemini children are curious, versatile, bright, charming, communicative and sociable, curious and fully aware of their surroundings. They are witty and adaptable to any circumstance with a cheerful attitude,
They like new things and once they master something they will get bored. Parents should make sure that their child is surrounded with books and puzzles to keep his mind busy and active. They can change their mind often, so as a parent you should help them focus and develop a particular area of strength. 
CANCER (June 22- July 23):
Cancer children are sensitive, who learn from their emotional memory. They always prefer home environment surrounded with familiar things, so, while going out somewhere, parents should bring something along (like a favourite toy) which gives them feeling of security.
They like to follow a routine so as a parent you can give them an unchanging home environment. Cancerians want lots of affection which gives them emotional security. Besides that they are caring, kind and a good listener.
They like privacy. When they are threatened, they normally pull into themselves until they feel everything is safe again. Parents should let them solve their problems and should encourage them to talk about their feelings to build up their confidence.

LEO (July 24- August 23):
Leo is the only sign which is ruled by a star and that is “Sun”. They are well known as a born leader. They have an enormous heart, are generous, loyal, humorous, honest, enthusiastic, and affectionate.
Leos are like coconut, hard from outside and vulnerable from inside.  They are very sensitive, so, as a parent, you have to be very careful while talking to your little ones because your one harsh word can knock down their confidence.
They always seek for attention and approval. They do best if they are showered with genuine praises and credits for what they have done. Leo children have a natural dramatic talent, so they enjoy stage performances and like to dress themselves in colourful sense of style. Parents need to genuinely reward them for their strengths as much as possible.

VIRGO (August 24- September 23):
Virgo child has a great common sense. They give attention to details and that’s why they are known as perfectionist. They make decisions only after concerning the cons and pros of the situation.  They generally have high standards and are cautious, so they seem shy.
Virgo children are sharply intellectual, careful, critical and modest. They love to help others and this is the quality which parents should encourage. As a parent, to avoid your child’s over modesty and perfectionism, you should encourage him as much as possible and pass the message that sometimes good enough is just that.

LIBRA (September 24- October 23):
Peace-maker Libra child is charming and friendly with everyone. He is connected with their loved ones. Libra children are not able to express their point confidently in front of others because they think that others might be hurt. So they become indecisive and always try to be gentle, polite and try to please others.
A fair Libra child loves beauty and comfort. They bring people close. As a parent of a Libra your responsibility is to teach them that being assertive is not bad. Help them to build self-confidence.

SCORPIO (October 24- November 22):
Scorpio child’s magnetic personality is full of mystery and secrets. They never expose their true personality, but there is so much hidden inside their brains that you shouldn’t be fooled by their calm personality.
They are passionate and deep thinker. Parents are their first concern to form emotional connection but you can only understand them if they let you in. Without realising they may frequently test the strength of this bond to confirm that how much you love them. They have a natural sense to understand others.
Suspicious Scorpio is an all-or-nothing child, with almost no level in between, and for both of these levels they become obsessive. As a parent of a Scorpio child you need to teach them the importance of forgiveness and balanced relationship.  To channel their focus, teach them to develop any interest and that will be good for them as well as for others also.

 SAGITTARIUS (November 23- December 21):
Children who come under this sign tend to have positive attitude towards life. They are known as born adventurers, are full of energy, outgoing and like changes. They want to explore the world and gain experience.
Sagies are sporty so as a parent you need to channelize their energy by taking them out for physical exercise and play. To keep their mind active, you need to arrange lots of books and trips to zoo, museum, art galleries etc. They need challenges and freedom, so make sure you give them. Friendly and optimistic Sagis are always surrounded with people. You can also throw a party for them.

CAPRICORN (December 22- January 20):
The most serious sign, which is highly ambitious, may think pretend play, hide-and-seek, and dressing-up are all non-sense and wastage of time. They like rewards, success, and approval and to get them they work hard.  From the very young age Capris know what exactly they want in their life, and so they plan accordingly.
Capri child has natural sense of responsibility, so they can be a responsible older sibling. But as a parent you should give them some time to play and relax. Also tell them the importance of being flexible. Shower them with praises.

AQUARIUS (January 21- February 19):
Aquarius children are different from others. They are original, unpredictable, and marches to the beat of their own drum. Friendly Aquarians are social, inventive, incredible, and technical, likes unusual things and attracted to new experiences.
Parents should respect their individuality and freedom otherwise they will get depressed. These children tend to be intelligent and problem solver. They can take out their brilliance when showered with books, art and craft materials and are encouraged for creativity. As a parent give them plenty of space.

PISCES (February 20- March 20):
Pisces children are a real dreamer and being a dreamer they mostly live in fantasy. They are imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, loving, caring, self-sacrificing. They have lots of empathy for others, and that’s why, until it is too late, they don’t believe that they are being cheated.
Instead of logic, they believe in instincts. They have great ideas about the life, but unfortunately they are not related to reality. As a parent you have to step in when they need to protect themselves from those who want to take an advantage from them. As a baby they want an extra affection, cuddles, kisses, and encouragement.

Overall, based on above discussion, we can broadly draw two conclusions. One, that every child is different from others, star signs being one of the main reasons. Second, that because of these differences, each child has his own strengths and weaknesses and parents should modify their parenting styles accordingly, to make his child a happy and successful individual.

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