Monday, August 27, 2012

Practical Thoughts!!

1- "You should try to become your child's friend, but should not try to make the child your friend."~Ankima Kul.

2- I believe that parenting in a positive and practical way can change the child's dimension to see the world!! ~Ankima Kul.

 3- "Child's personality is like made up of glass. Parents, please, Handle your child with care." ~Ankima Kul

4- "saying "Relax" with smile n a tight hug is the most precious word which you can use to calm down your child,no matter what the situation is." ~Ankima Kul.

 5- "A good person is someone who gives importance and respect to himself without hurting anyone's feeling."~Ankima Kul.

6- "Please, don't break your child's trust by telling them lies for temporary co-operation."

Words really matter for the child if they are from their parents. Parents are the world for their child and someone they trust most. Even a small lie from parents can develop seeds of mistrust for outside world, when he grows up.

~Ankima Kul.

7- "Sometimes it is important to teach our children to be inactive, spend some time alone, take out some time to think about themselves or sit quietly and observe the surroundings. By doing so, they can grow spiritually and be willing to take decisions maturely." ~Ankima Kul.

8- Along with your regular items, always keep a pencil and paper/notebook for your child while travelling. It will help child not getting bored, plus free hand writing/drawing is a great way to develop child's imagination. ~Ankima Kul.

9- "It is very Important to teach our children 'Gratitude' by being grateful of what we have in our lives. It will be one of the most important skills they will have, to find the happiness in life, when they grow up." ~Ankima Kul.

10- “Being able to focus into one thing is more important than multitasking or trying to do many things at a time.”  ~Ankima Kul.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fostering Kid's Success

We as a parent dream our children to have higher intelligence. We wish our children should be smart and bright enough to solve all the problems and be willing to achieve something special. But the question is how can we foster the intelligence in our children?

If parents are asked to answer some of the questions below:

Q-1. Why was the Michel Jackson so successful?

Q-2. Why do Asian kids often outperform American kids in mathematics?

Most parents will answer that "The Michel Jackson was incredibly gifted singer and dancer" or "People from Asia must have a genetic advantage for math." we all think that to be successful we need to be extraordinary talented, isn't it?

But surprisingly, the above statement is wrong. We assume that the behavior we are seeing is explained by the innate or inborn traits. But that is only one part. There are many other factors playing. One important thing is great effort put by parents and kid (for e.g. for honing their skills). This key of success applied with Asian kids in above question. Thomas Edison, once said "Genious is one percent inspiration, ninty-nine percent perspiration." Further, many people may have the same talent and the same trait but not the same luck to take the advantage from the opportunities at the right time.

Recipe of success: Talent, Effort and Luck are the recipe of success. Talent is mostly inborn or hard-wired. For Luck, in most circumstances parents have no control. But Effort includes soft wiring, and is an area where parents can work for their children.

Effort can be done in many ways. Parents can motivate their children to work hard, which is sometimes a reason behind many extraordinary successes. Another very important element is, boosting child's intelligence. Intelligence can be defined as "the ability to do things with reasonable speed and to apply the information to solve the problems." But intelligence is not all hard wired or genetic. It can be earned through experience or soft wiring such as good environment, improved nutrition etc. Intelligence is measured with an IQ score. To raise their child’s IQ parents can also encourage them for physical exercise, provide healthy nutrition and outdoor play, ensure adequate sleep, encourage them to sticking with the task to the finish, let them struggle to solve their own problems and sometimes you as a parent can also solve larger problems with them.

One more element parents can influence to boost their child’s intelligence is to praise them in a right way, which is quite tricky. Parents just need to follow some tips below to praise their children:

  • Instead of praising the ability, praise the effort: don’t say "you are really smart". Better to say "you really worked hard."
  • Give specific praise, not generic: rather than saying "you are good at drawing" say "you really made a beautiful flower."
  • Sincere praises would be more appreciable: instead of saying " you lost the match but you played well" say " i know you are disappointed, that was a tough one. You’ve got the next one to try again."
  • Don’t overdo the praise: avoid to overdo the praise so that the child won’t be addicted.

By following above suggestions, every parent can raise a happy and successful child.

~Ankima Kul.

Reference: "Smart Parenting,Smarter Kids", David Walsh.