Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Handling Child Tantrums!!

Handling and nurturing kids is not an easy task. Parents need lots of patience to deal with their growing child intelligently. The point to be concerned is how to be patient in the mid of the situation when the child throws tantrum? It’s difficult to control ourselves to not to react at the situation and think clearly.
Well, I think it’s difficult but not impossible. Parents need to focus on what and how they want to convey the right message to their child so that it can become a part of their values.
First of all, parents should understand that children don’t throw tantrums unnecessarily. In most cases, there are reasons behind them, like: tiredness, hunger, and unfilled tank of love and affection. So to understand those reasons and to your child, parents need to follow the steps below-

1- Calm down and try not to panic: Mostly every child throws tantrum once in a while. Instead of thinking what others will say or think, parents should not panic and concerned the need of their child.
2- Relax yourself: Parents should relax themselves first, before relaxing their child. Because if you are relaxed than only your mind will work in the right direction. To relax yourself firstly, take a deep breath, than pause and once again take a deep breath. Have some water also if you need.
3- Think clearly: Once you are relaxed, you can think about the situation, reasons, solutions and the response you want to give to your child.
4- Respond, not react: There is a huge difference between response and reaction. When parents reply to their child without thinking, or on their instinct, is a reaction. Replying after thinking the cons and pros is called Response.
5-Talk about the situation: Once parent and child are settled, they should talk about the situation. Children need to learn a lesson from the situation and this will only happen if parent and child discuss about the reasons, consequences and solutions for what had happened. 

 Each and every response from parents will affect the personality of their child. Children may turn a patient grown-up only if they are nurtured patiently.